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Shebeen Chic

An askew view @ Shebeen Chic

Hi folks, I want to thank everyone for the support so far and appreciate all the comments on facebook and youtube etc about the videos. Keep them comin’. I’ve decided to take a slightly different angle for the blog so instead of bringing you to a pub every day I’m actually gonna take my time and find the best pub I can find. I’m aiming for quality over quantity. Like the pub I’m currently editing a video for. The excellent Shebeen Chic on Georges St. You’ll have to wait for the video (hopefully tomorrow) for the full details but believe me, this is not your usual pub.

Here’s a nice pic of one of the walls. Yes it is right way up.


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The Graduate, Killiney on fire last summer.

This was the scene at Killiney shopping centre last June. Where well known pub The Graduate burned before our very eyes. Work is under way to return it to it’s former glory and we will be doing a video on it’s opening day. For now have a look at this video:

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Jan 11th – Patrick Ivory, Dalkey

The Patton Flyer

"the airport bus"

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Jan 9th – A pint in Dalkey

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Jan 7th – Outside “An Club” on Harcourt St

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Jan 5th – In Dublin’s Fair City…

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Jan 4th – A pint of the black stuff

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