A Pint A Day Keeps The Recession At Bay

Me in the middle

Hi my names Liam and I will be visiting a pub every day in 2010. I will be searching for the best Irish pub. But not just that I will also be promoting YOUR product, business or music. Not just here in Ireland we have been invited to Scotland and Holland too but it HAS to be an Irish pub. Every day I will be making a video and taking photos from the pub and uploading them all over the internet.

Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Pix.ie and many more. I am offering daily advertising on this website to coincide with the daily video and blog post. Most of the days will have an ad correspending with the pub I’m at but it is not limited to that. Any company can sponsor a day and have their ad below and at the beginning and end of the video. Price is based on the face value of the day of the year and starts at €1 for Jan 1st and goes up each day by €1. So Jan 2nd is €2 and Dec 31st is €365.

Email me slainte@planetlam.com to reserve your day right now.


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