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Jan 1st – An Club, Harcourt St, Dublin

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Happy New Year and welcome to Sláinte

Hello there, Liam here. By now you all have been dragged kicking and screaming into the new decade and the year that is 2010. However you plan to pronounce it you will all agree that everyone has big plans for this year. I myself am going to visit a pub for every day of 2010 and report back to you with pictures, video and a blog post.

An Club

An Club, 6 Harcourt St

Today is January 1st of course and we are visiting An Club on Harcourt St. It is an Irish speaking club and you are asked to sign a guestbook as you enter. It has an incredible atmosphere and one you need to experience if you are, like me, a non Irish speaker. We will have a full video up soon. Having a few problems with the video gremlins. You can view a very short video of outside the pub below.

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